Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The story of La delle ...

Hi ladies!
Last week we had a photo shoot for a blog about photography.
The theme was about vintage, fabrics, tailor and sewing machine and dramatic.
Well, La delle Clothing have all the criteria for the theme, so we provide the model 
wearing our black floral asymmetrical dress and our white vintage dress.
The fabrics and sewing machine are also ours.
Hhmm... maybe that's why the they named it ' The story of La delle '

Thank you guys!

xoxo la delle

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

another designs for Berrybenka..

Yes! This is another designs for
We made many different designs for the site and most of them is sold out.
Lucky you that these designs are available... for now. 
Another new designs are on it's way and will be coming out soon this month.

Our designer was being featured on last week.
She had an interview about La delle Clothing's history and concept.
For details about the interview, click here.

Keep stylish girls!!

xoxo la delle

The 2nd Collection


Hi ladies, so happy that finally our 2nd collection is coming out. We've been working on it for months and so relieved that it's done now. The concept for this collection is a little bit different from the previous one with a little bit masculine touch. We sell some of them in one set so you don't have to confuse about how to mix and match the items aaaand the other reason is because we think that it looks good that way, so you don't have to worry, we got the inspirations from many fashion sites, magazines and street stylers. We made the clothes in 'all size' with good quality fabrics. Some of the fabrics and patterns are still the same from the 1st collection because we see that playful patterns still really 'happening' right now.  

You might found it pretty weird or something about us writing and sharing the story about the collection, but hopefully it will help you to understand and inspired you, ladies ... 

Well, finally, we just want to say ... 
Happy shopping! ^.^

Pattern Me Up!
Matching pattern for the top and bottom is so happening right now. You can see that some of the famous world fashion designers made this kind of clothes for their collection, but in different designs, of course. We really like the cape shirt, it's unique and easy to mix and match with your leggings or shorts. You can wear the pants with your tank top or cropped tee to get a chillax look when you're out with friends or boyfriend.

Black and white dots

Multicolor and Dark blue
Price Rp. 390.000,- (one set)

Back bow dress
All we can say about this dress is comfortably-loose. Haha. Yes, we're a little bit obsessed with loose clothes because mostly it's so comfortable to wear. So, we made a really lovely loose dress with a nice bow accent on the back side. Boots or even flat shoes fits really nice with this dress.

Dark floral and Black and white
Bright floral and Multicolor
Price Rp. 215.000,-

Asymmetrical Dress
Basically, it is a simple vintage dress but we made it asymmetrical for the modern touch. You can wear your favorite outerwear with this dress, blazer, cardigan or even your coat. The dress fits to many kind of occasions, it depends on how you mix and match ^.^

Dark floral and Black dots
Price Rp. 265.000,-

Ready Set Go. part 2
Yes, we decided to make another Ready-set-Go for this collection because many people asked about the first set from the previous collection. This time we made it in animal prints. 

1. Green cropped top + black and white zebra skirt
2. Blue cropped top + grey leopard skirt
3. Black cropped top + silk leopard skirt

Price Rp. 275.000,- (one set)

Ready Set Go. part 3
Another sets from us! This time, we made see through loose top with baggy pants. The top available in 5 different patterns and the pants in 3. If you want to wear it separately, you can wear the top with your skinny jeans or maxi skirt, and you can wear the baggy pants with your favorite tee or shirt. What a great combo!

1. Patterned see through top + green baggy pants
2. Hearts patterned see through top + blue baggy pants

3. Black floral see through top + brown baggy pants
4. Peach color see through top + brown baggy pants
5. Grey see through top + brown baggy pants

Price Rp. 315.000,-

Mini Pixie dress
This one is the cutest dress we have. It's mini with cute patterns and back design. If you like to wear minidresses, we can say that this dress is a must have item for you.

1. White dots
2. Bright floral
3. Black and white

Price Rp. 210.000,-

Patterned Shorts
Not much to say about the shorts. It's playful and so comfy. You're gonna love it, girls!

1. Multicolor shorts
2. Dark floral
3. Dark blue polkadots

Price Rp. 180.000,-

La delle Rings
Hhmm... This our first time ever to have accessories in our collection. We made rings! Yeay! We really like the unique shapes and it is fits for every kind of style you have ... 

1. Green leaves ring
2. Pink leaves ring

3. Black hat shape ring
4. Round gold ring

Price Rp. 45.000,-

How to order?
Kindly send us sms to 081294043637
or e-mail us at

format :
Name/Address/Phone number/Payment bank/selected clothes 

Don't forget to confirm your payment in 2x24 hours

Thank you for shopping!

xoxo La delle Clothing

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

La delle Clothing for Berrybenka...

Hollaa customers!
Now we announce that some of our collections are now available at
with different designs!!


xoxo  la delle

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The 1st Collection

Mini-me Dress

Floral - sold out
Hearts - sold out
Dots - sold out

All Size
Price Rp. 160.000,-

La delle Dress

Black and White - sold out
Navy - sold out

Size fit to S - M
Price Rp. 170.000,-

Backy Dress

Black Dots - sold out
Black Floral - sold out
Multicolors - sold out

All Size
Price Rp. 185.000,-

Loosey Top

Pink Floral - sold out
Blue Floral - sold out
Navy - sold out

All Size
Price Rp. 165.000,-

Leopard Outer


All Size
Price Rp. 150.000,-

Creme - sold out
Peach - sold out
Green - sold out
Abstract - sold out

All Size
Price Rp. 250.000,-

Daily Coat
Navy - sold out

Size fit to S - M
Price Rp. 275.000,-

Flat Shoes by Loveliness
Photographs by Layang-layang Photography

How to order?
Kindly send us sms to 081294043637
or e-mail us at

format :
Name/Address/Phone number/Payment bank/selected clothes 

Don't forget to confirm your payment in 2x24 hours

Thank you for shopping!

xoxo La delle Clothing

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wait for us (^.^)

We are a local brand clothing. 
Tailor made. 
One of a kind. 
Simple and vintage designs. 
Love to play with patterns. 


Kindly follow us on Twitter for more informations and updates.
Thank you.

Kisses and hugs, La delle Cloth.